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Great Moments in Weed History

Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock



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The Hidden History of OG Kush

From Afghanistan's Kush Mountains, to LA's early 90s hydro grows, the story of game-changing weed strain OG Kush is one of the greatest cannabis tales ever told—with cameo appearances from Cypress Hill, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, and Dre Dre. But this fascinating history was completely hidden until very recently, when the original growers who put the OG in OG Kush finally came forward to claim their glory. So roll up a fat joint of this skunky, lemony, piney legend (or whatever you've got to smoke), and settle in for a sesh with Abdullah and Bean as they give you the inside dope on the ultimate high-status strain. HIGH 90S This episode of Great Moments in Weed History is sponsored by High 90s. Their Nineties OG Kush is a cross of San Fernando Valley Hindu Kush x Chemdawg that’s got all the incredible flavor, potency and soaring high that made OG Kush one of the all-time game changing cannabis strains. . High 90's is also launching two new OG strains this month! White Fire OG, a collaboration with OG Raskal and Mamba OG in stores across Southern California. And don’t sleep on their other strains! EPISODE ARCHIVE Visit our podcast feed for 50+ episodes of our classic Great Moments in Weed History format, and subscribe now to get a new weekly podcast every Weednesday, including these special Moment in Weed episodes. PATREON Please support Great Moments in Weed HIstory on Patreon. Supporters get exclusive access to video versions of this podcast and private seshes, plus cool rewards like a signed book. And it truly helps us make the best show possible. 

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