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The pain and pleasure of crushing on someone for over a decade, with Natasha Lunn

Support Millennial Love with a donation today: This week, Olivia speaks to author and journalist Natasha Lunn. Natasha runs the popular newsletter called Conversations on Love, for which she interviews authors, celebrities and a wide range of experts all about love, dating and relationships. We discuss her new book of the same name, which features interviews with the likes of Roxane Gay, Alain du Boton, Esther Perel and more. Given that our books came out within a week of one another, this episode is split into two halves, with Olivia interviewing Natasha for the fast half, and then vice versa for the second. The two discuss the complexities of writing about your own love life and how it impacts your partner, why love is earned and not simply given, and the expectations placed on mothers to fall in love at first sight with their newborns. Follow the show on Instagram at @millennial_love Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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