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Dr Hazel Wallace busts myths around the clitoris, female masturbation, and the ‘orgasm gap’

We’re back with another episode of Millennial Love where this week, we’re joined by registered nutritionist, best-selling author, and founder of ‘The Food Medic’ podcast, Dr Hazel Wallace.   We chat with Hazel about the taboos around women’s health, the ‘orgasm gap’, and how better sex can lead to better sleep.   She also reveals which foods to eat and which to avoid during your period, how diet can ease symptoms of PMS, and why it can be so hard to diagnose endometriosis.   Hazel’s book, The Female Factor: Making women’s health count – and what it means for you is out now.   Check out Millennial Love on all major podcast platforms and Independent TV, and keep up to date @Millennial_Love on Instagram and TikTok. Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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