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Soma Sara on how sex education perpetuates rape culture and harmful myths about sex

*Trigger warning: This episode contains themes of rape, sexual assault and sexual violence which some viewers may find upsetting* This week on Millennial Love we chat with Soma Sara, author and founder of Everyone’s Invited, an anti-rape movement that focuses on exposing rape culture by allowing survivors to share their own experiences of misogyny, harassment and sexual assault. We discuss how experiences of sexual harassment at school can shape our attitudes towards sex and how widespread slut shaming, victim blaming and policing of girls’ uniforms internalises harmful myths about sex and sexuality. Soma’s book, Everyone’s Invited, is out now. If you or someone you know has been affected by child sexual abuse, call Childline on their helpline at 0800 1111 The Victim Support helpline provides emotional and practical help to victims or witnesses of any crime, whether or not it has been reported to the police. Phone: 0808 16 89 111 (24/7) Check out Millennial Love on all major podcast platforms and Independent TV, and keep up to date @Millennial_Love on Instagram and TikTok. Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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