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Playing it straight in the fashion industry and beyond, with Jack Guinness

Support Millennial Love with a donation today: This week, Olivia is joined by model, writer and broadcaster Jack Guinness. Jack is the founder of The Queer Bible, a LGBT+ website he launched in 2017 that has now become a book of the same name. Packed with essays written by a range of LGBT+ icons, including Sir Elton John, The Queer Bible is a celebration of the works and lives of the global queer community. In this episode, Jack and Olivia discuss the book and Jack’s brilliant essay on how RuPaul has inspired him to embrace who he is. In addition, they talk about self-worth, the value of labelling your sexuality, and conforming to gender stereotypes in the fashion industry, with Jack recalling how he was told by brands and agents to conceal his sexuality. Follow the show on Instagram at @millennial_love Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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