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Falling in love in your 30s, with Camille Charrière

Support Millennial Love with a donation today: This week, Olivia is joined by writer and broadcaster Camille Charrière to discuss the differences between dating in your 20s compared to your 30s. The duo examine why the relationships we seek in our 20s tend to be fervid and unstable, and how this can lead us to make poor choices in our love lives. Camille also discusses how she fell in love after being single for seven years and what makes this relationship, with her now fiancé, different from any other she's been in. They also discuss the complex art of compromise in a relationship, and how it's not always the best way forward. Finally, Camille explains why it is that people often lose friends when they get into a serious relationship. You can read Camille's article on this very subject here: Follow the show on Instagram at @millennial_love Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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