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EP 179 Where To Find Adult SEL Activities

In Episode 179, we talk about where you can find Adult SEL Activities. We share several avenues where you can learn and get access to Adult SEL Materials. There is an Educators2Educators New Year Conference where you can attend several different teacher self-care courses online for free. You’ll also learn more about SEL Educators and our new initiative focused on supporting Adult Social-Emotional Competencies. We also share my personal course and platforms, which we think can help you effectively develop the proper SEL skills. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @tregammage to know more about SEL. You can also access the conference through 4:13 – Educators2Educators Reboot 6:30 – 3 Ways To Sleep Better 8:10 – Building A Night Time Routine That Works 9:05 – Teacher Self-Care vs. Social Media Self-Care 10:40 – Project and Learning Module Course 12:52 – Gammage Enterprise 14:30 – Discover Your Potential and Educator’s Guide to 90 Day Goals 14:58 – Student Facilitation Guide: Every Decision Counts

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