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Question Everything Advice For Students And Graduates With Kenny Glenn EP 231

Welcome to The Dash Podcast! Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Kenneth Glenn, author of Question Everything: Advice for Students and Graduates. Kenneth is an inspiring and experienced educator who is passionate about helping students realize that school and education aren’t the same things. During this episode, Kenneth shares his journey and the question that changed his life. He also offers advice on social-emotional learning, the importance of education, and much more. We hope you find his insights inspiring and motivating. Tune in to this episode to hear Kenneth’s wisdom on how to make the most of school and make education a priority. Don’t forget to join us on The Dash Podcast to learn how to become a better educator, school leader, and student. Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes with Kenneth Glenn, as well as other inspiring guests. 1:05 - How did you end up at Miami Oh 4:20 - Build your resume until you are 30 13:44 - The question that changed my life 19:08 - School & Education aren’t the same thing

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