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Living Your Dream Beyond The Classroom With Rheon Gibson EP 214

School Principal & Author of The Dizz Whizz Series, Rheon's third appearance on the Dash podcast, he's got some amazing announcements, stepping down (professionally) from his school leadership position and two new books that are set to come out in 2022! Listen up to see how Rheon Builds SEL skills for Students and SEL! 2:20 - Dizz Whizz - From the idea to the 4th installment 10:04 - Transferring out of a Principal Position 8:30 - What's next for Dizz Whizz (8 part series) 11:00 - The skills you need for life don't change 12:30 - The SEL skills taught through Dizz Whizz 20:50 - Stepping down professionally and respectfully ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more Adult Social Emotional Learning activities visit Free courses, Membership Bundle, School-Wide bundle are available now ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every Decision Counts: 8 Lesson’s I Wish They Taught Me in School Middle School/High School SEL workbook - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15% off all orders -

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