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EP 174 Respect The Profession with Tabatha Wesley

In Episode 174, Tabatha Wesley and I talk about the foundations of teaching and how SEL helps in building a better connection between the teacher and their students. Tabatha briefly shares her experience in the transition from being a teacher to administrator and coach. She talks about the importance of relationship building with the students and how these connections are essential to the children’s success. Tabatha also shares her passion towards teaching and how people should respect all teachers as a profession. You can reach out to Tabatha for coaching or discussions about teaching through Email, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Facebook @tabwesley. 2:15 – Transition of Teaching into Administration 5:00 – What the Teachers Need 6:00 – Changes in Teaching 7:35 – Tabitha’s Teaching Foundation 10:10 – Balancing Academics and Connecting 14:00 – SEL in Tabatha’s Teaching 15:30 – The SEL Curriculum 19:00 - Measuring Success for Tabatha 21:20 – Impossible Goals in SEL 24:15 – What People Should Know About Teaching 27:10 – Respecting Teachers

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