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Three Ways to Believe in Yourself and Elevate Your Finances | HDM 379

Have you heard that your finances are directly related to the beliefs you have about yourself and money? Curioso, right? Well, today I'll be exploring this topic so that you start the year with tools that help you believe in yourself more while elevating your finances.  Get ready for an episode where beliefs merge with finances. Often, when we think about financial freedom, we quickly consider the numbers, the budget, and forget the power that our beliefs have on those outcomes. When you create your vision board for 2024, think about how your life and finances would be if you had more belief in yourself (and what you can do with your money).   Belief in yourself is powerful and it can change things for you financially and all aspects of your life, but you need to be willing to do the work. This episode is going to help make that work easier. In this episode you will learn:  How belief intertwines with confidence and mindset (and we also explore their challenges).  The role our money story plays in all this.  3 tips that you can implement now to help you increase that belief. For a quick recap of this episode go to http://www.jenhemphill.com/379 Join our community on Facebook here: https://jenhemphill.com/community  The post,  Three Ways to Believe in Yourself and Elevate Your Finances | HDM 379 appeared first on the Her Dinero Matters Podcast.

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