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[Summer Playlist] Figuring Your Way To Financial Freedom with Gidget Benitez | HDM 188

Picture the following scenario. You’re at the bank, reviewing the contract for the new savings account that you’re about to open when you stumble upon a term you’ve never seen before. You reread the sentence, trying to figure it out and make sense of the language, but the terms are just not ringing a bell. What do you do? Do you bring the issue to the attention of the Account executive, asking for further clarification, or do you just let it slide? If you are the type of person who would rather forget the whole situation instead of taking the risk of looking bad, this week’s episode with Gidget Benitez is a must-listen. I get it: openly admitting that you don’t know or understand something that everyone else seems to get right away is not easy. The fear of being judged for our lack of knowledge of things that everyone considers “essential” can push us to hide and pretend we get it when we actually don’t. Some people even seem to believe that feigning understanding is the only way to operate and make things move forward (#gasp).  But, what if I told you that raising your hand every single time you don’t get something is a better way to go? And even better: what if you could hear firsthand the story of someone who managed to figure her finances out by adopting this attitude? Would you be curious to know more?  If you are, then stay tuned because this week’s interview with Gidget Benitez will surely inspire you to take some bold action.  Gidget is the creator and producer of Afro Latina, a podcast dedicated to sharing tips for African and Latina women interested in becoming lawyers. In this episode you will learn:  The story behind the financial struggles Gidget endured. The wake-up call she got when she started a colleague.What being an Afro Latina means for Gidget. For a quick recap of this episode go to https://www.jenhemphill.com/188 The post, [Summer Playlist] Figuring Your Way To Financial Freedom with Gidget Benitez | HDM 188 appeared first on the Her Dinero Matters Podcast.

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