TopPlinks Week 1 - Most Listened & Shared Podcast Links

Plink smart links/Show Pages that have been shared, viewed, and most listened to ๐ŸŽง this past week. TopPlinks Week 1 Mid-May. Check out the list!

• By Scott Mathson (@scottmathson)

Plink is starting a weekly TopPlinks posts series, highlighting the podcast smart links and Show Pages with the most shares, listens, and/or visitors for the past week. ๐ŸŽง Presenting TopPlinks Week 1 for mid May, 2019 - check out the podcasts!

  1. Masters in Business

    By Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg News

    Plink custom link
  2. Talking HR Compliance โ€” A Small Business Podcast

    By ComplyRight

  3. Socialette: Bite-Sized Online Marketing Podcast

    By Steph Taylor

  4. Pint of Science

    By Glorious Republic Broadcasting

  5. That Was Genius

    By Glorious Republic Broadcasting

  6. Works of Love

    By RoseCraft Productions

  7. The Strategy Behind Branding Yourself

    By Precious Price

  8. The Latecomers

    By Amity Armstrong

  9. The Contrarian Investor Podcast

    By Nathaniel E. Baker

  10. 1,000 Podcasters

    By Bryan Entzminger

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