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BTS Grandpas

Michelle’s friends are desperate to get her a reading. But all she wants is a peek into her favorite band BTS’ future. Plus, we dig into baseball astrology, and discover why you might consider trading in your emeralds for bananas.    LINKS:  Janelle Belgrave: our wonderful house astrologer for this series. You can reach her here.  Dr. Divya: a caring numerologist who determines how your numbers match up with the stars and picks the ideal days for you to work, rest, and launch shows on (we have been following her timings!) Contact her here.  To learn more about our baseball astrologers, you can read and listen to Andrea Mallis here and Cesar Love here.  Dr. Rakesh Kumar: the astrologer who predicted my dad’s illness with eerie accuracy. Made another visit to him last week. Reach him here.     For Alap Momin’s music label, check out Internet&Weed   Listen to the Skyline Drive mixtape Episode transcript:   Like what you hear? Follow us @kscope_nyc on Instagram and Twitter. See for privacy information. See for privacy information.

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