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Bonus Episode 3: Bucket List

The Professor wants to tick something off their bucket list.   ** Listener submissions are now open for Season 2 of The Vesta Clinic! Submit your ideas at: ** ______________________ (Please see the end of the episode description for content warnings!)    The Vesta Clinic was created by AMC. This episode features Ruby Campbell as Xaelest Adra, Christopher Stoops as The Professor and Kamen Cooley-Greene as Dakarai Solari.Music by AMC and Ruby Campbell.    Transcripts are available at   Please consider supporting us on Patreon! Patrons get early access to all bonus content, behind the scenes updates and access to 15 patreon-exclusive bonus stories following the events of season 1.    You can also find us on social media on twitter, tumblr and instagram at @vestaclinicpod!    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.   Sound Effect Attributions: Footsteps, fabric rustles and ambience from Krotos Studios Modern_U1_2 from Krotos Sounds Sci-fi click 3, Vape sound 5 from FilmCowSci-Fi Engine.wav by Jandre160108 at freesound.orgCandy, boiled sweet unwrap. Version 1, AA Battery put down on table then fall over, Glass bathroom scales (modern) slide on hard tiled floor 1, 2-tone basic high pitched beep, Finger tap, select, press on sat nav touch screen 5, Air blow into plastic bag and inflate 2, Person blowing into, inflating rubber ring or lilo, single blow 2, Hospital electronic monitor machine beeping, chime, alert, Dry syringe, pull plunger out with a pop, Flicking a syringe with finger. Version 2, Syringe squirt liquid out into air, short and fast. Version 1, Body fall on ground, hard slam 3, A mid heavy body fall,Bag, backpack, grab, pick up in a hurry 1, Stackable potato chips (Pringles) tube put down on table, Felt marker pen draw single stroke, squeak on hollow plastic 1, Handball slap, hit 2, Latex rubber mask handling movements 1- all from Content Warnings: misuse of medication by healthcare professionals, dangerous drug use, injections, references risk of death, proposed deceit, medically concerning weight loss, a character’s weight is stated, non-injurious falls

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