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13. Hermit Reflex

Date: 638/2/2732Patient: Rana [spiky cloud, teeth]. NeritopodPatient ID: 27466591Presenting Complaint: Egg check and vaccinations  It’s completely biologically appropriate. Still weird, though. __________________________________________________________ (Stay safe! Please see the end of the episode description for content warnings for this episode!)  The Vesta Clinic was created by AMC. This episode features AMC as Faye Underwood, Kamen Cooley-Greene as Dakarai Solari and Ruby Campbell as Xaelest Adra.Music by AMC and Ruby Campbell.  Credits read by Kamen Cooley-Greene.     Transcripts are available at   Please consider supporting us on Patreon! The bonus story for this episode is called ‘Did You Pack Your Shell Or Did Somebody Pack It For You?l’ and is available at    You can also find us on social media on twitter, tumblr and instagram at @vestaclinicpod!    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Sound Effect Attributions:Spaceship compartment door.With pneumatics(8lrs,mltprcssng).wav by newlocknew at Typing metal plate(reson,rev,DTBlkfx,Eq,Extr,sat,dcmtr)12.wav by newlocknew at Leafing through papers by lawnjelly at Freesound.orgConnect2 by RICHERIandTV at Critical Stop4  by RICHERIandTV at Content Warnings: Abortion equivalent in a non-human species; embryonic death in a non-human species; adoption; infidelity; difficult parent-child relationships

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