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Season 1 Q&A (Part 1)

Thank you for listening to the first part of our Q&A, featuring AMC (creator and voice of Dr Underwood), Kamen Cooley-Greene (voice of Dr Solari), Christopher Stoops (voice of The Professor), and Ruby Campbell (voice of Dr Adra and composer). We had so much fun answering your questions (hence the giggling) that there’s a whole other part on its way soon! If you can’t wait, the whole thing is available on our Patreon now! If you love the show, don't forget to leave a review and share it with people you love!!  Stay tuned at the end for a teaser for Among the Stacks. Find them here!  A huge thanks to everyone who submitted Qs, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for the show 3   Sound Effect Attributions: Typing metal plate(reson,rev,DTBlkfx,Eq,Extr,sat,dcmtr)12.wav by newlocknew at

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