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“Positive Technology” with Dr. Eli Shapiro

Do you know how to parent in the digital age??? This episode is filled with 'tachlis' (real content) because that's what Dr. Eli Shapiro is all about: simple, thoughtful and deliberative. He is the founder of the Digital Citizenship Project and had helped thousands of parents to understand the pros and cons about technology and offering the most recent data so the good of technology is extracted leaving the rest behind. This episode is hosted by Dr. Naomi Myers, a parent of school aged children, alongside Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein and they ask tough questions which will no doubt help parents immensely. To listen to all KOLOT episodes, visit kolotpodcast.com KOLOT is a project of the Columbus Community Kollel in Bexley. The Kollel is a full time Jewish learning center focused on making sure every Jew can connect to Torah Study. Whether it's a class, chavrusa (study partner), or a program, the Kollel is your one-stop shop for all your Jewish learning. To learn more, visit thekollel.org and forever be inspired!

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