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“Starting small and getting BIG” with David Heller

Starting small and getting big is a discription of David Heller on many levels. Growing up in a reform home, learning how to say Modeh Ani, while also becoming the 5th largest multi-family developer in the country! Today, David studies Talmud every day in his office where he has a complete set of the 73 Volume - Schottenstein Edition of Talmud Bavli. David is also a frequent visitor to Telshe Yeshiva where he cherishes his 20-plus years of learning with a chavrusa (study partner). In just a few years, David will be making a Siyum Hashas (celebration of completing the Talmud). Steven Stieglitz, VP of The Smith Tandy Group, joins Rabbi Hillel Kapenstein, Director of the Columbus Community Kollel, for this exclusive interview right here on KOLOT. David begins at 3:35 into episode Here is a preview of future guests and episodes: Howard Tzvi Friedman, Past-President of AIPAC, will talk about his friendship with President Obama, the President’s visit to his home in Baltimore, and the public debate he had with him in the Oval Office. Howard is also the current Board Chair of Beth Medrash Gevoah and he will discuss the leadership role he’s involved with in the Kollel movement.Jason Greenblatt, Executive Vice President to The Trump Organization and Chief Architect of The Abraham Accords, will discuss his journey from the private sector as the Chief Legal Officer at the Trump Organization to President Trump’s advisor on Israel and how he achieved a peace agreement in the United Arab Emirates.And many more fascinating episodes to come! To listen to all KOLOT episode, visit kolotpodcast.com KOLOT is a project of the Columbus Community Kollel. To learn more about the Kollel and all the programs and learning opportunities, visit thekollel.org

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