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"I Wanted to Make Them Proud"

This week on Life Out Loud, we talk to famed interior designer and Trading Spaces star Vern Yip about this journey as the son of Chinese immigrants with very high expectations. Growing up, his parents gave him two choices: you can be a doctor, or you can be a doctor. He tried that path, but his passion kept getting in the way. Vern reveals how he had to come out to his family twice, once to tell them he was going to pursue design, and another time to tell them he was gay. He talks about meeting his husband for the first time, a meet-cute for the ages that includes a pack of pups. After growing their family with the help of a surrogate, Vern wants to encourage his children to pursue their own path with pride without burdening them with his expectations. That's meant learning how to quiet an inherited voice while passing on his love for his culture. And speaking of expectations, listeners, we hope you will help us get the word out by sharing this season of Life Out Loud with your family and friends. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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