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Relationships | Dan Savage, Bob the Drag Queen

“Do you want a relationship or a situation-ship?” On this week’s episode of Life Out Loud, we unpack some big words: heteronormativity and non-monogamy. In other words, learning to do what works for you either with or without a partner. First, LZ talks to New York Times bestselling author and legendary podcaster Dan Savage about what it’s like to evolve your thinking while in the public eye — Savage shares what he’s gotten wrong over 30 years of writing his syndicated column, Savage Love. He also talks about his own open marriage as well as other types of relationships that have shaped his life. Then, LZ talks to entertainer and co-host of HBO's We're Here, Bob the Drag Queen about what it takes to keep two relationships going at the same time: lots and lots of communication. Bob also shares valuable advice about how to not be distracted by jealousy, whether romantic or professional.  Come with an open mind and learn how to move past your initial assumptions through conversation and community. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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