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Episode 6 // Trailer // Olwen Fouéré

Full episode streams on Saturday October 15th.   In the sixth and final episode of the series, presenter Dónal Dineen meets one of Ireland’s most important contemporary theatre and performance artists, Olwen Fouéré, an artist known for her remarkable and often physical performances. Fouéré - actor, writer, director and performance artist talks with Dónal about her multidisciplinary career and creative journey. Born on the west coast of Ireland to Breton parents Yann Fouéré and Marie-Magdeleine Mauger, Olwen Fouéré is an artist whose extensive practice navigates theatre, film, the visual arts, music, dance theatre and literature. She has received international acclaim for her work and was performer and artistic collaborator in Jesse Jones’s Tremble, Tremble which represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2017.   Commissioned by Solas Nua, We Are The Makers is a long-form audio documentary series that focuses on the work of contemporary Irish artists and their practices. Built around extensive interviews with some of Ireland’s most eminent artists, these quarterly transmissions are part portrait, part diary, travelogue and soundscape. With the makers as our guide, these are deep-dives into back catalogues and entire bodies of work.    We Are The Makers is written and presented by Irish broadcaster Dónal Dineen and produced by Ian Cudmore. Original music by Ultan O’Brien. Commissioned by Solas Nua in Washington, D.C., bringing contemporary Irish art to U.S. audiences.   Dispatches from the eye of the hurricane and heart of the matter.   ///


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