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We Are The Makers #1 // Trailer // Eamonn Doyle

The cultural map of contemporary Ireland is a rich tapestry of many interweaving threads and cross-flowing patterns made of form, light and sound. In We are the Makers we will be making our own marks on this ever-changing map by pulling on individual threads and following those lines all the way back to the creative source and well of inspiration. The golden thread in episode one is the ground-breaking photography of Eamonn Doyle. Beginning with the trilogy of photo-books he produced between 2014 and 2016, I, On and End, his impact on the world of photography has been profound. With his singular way of seeing, the Dubliner has turned the world on his doorstep into timeless works of art. His unique ability to mine the poetic and the extraordinary from the ebb and flow of people moving through the streets of his hometown sets him apart as an artist uniquely attuned to the rhythms of life in contemporary multicultural urban Ireland. These shows are extended profiles of some of our most eminent makers but before making a magical series of photo works, Eamon Doyle had more than made his mark in the world of electronic music with his label D1, his DJ’ing, club nights and the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. We will be charting his journey through Ireland's musical underground before tracing his meteoric rise to the top of the photography world and his journey since through exhibitions, installations and recent cinematic work. In between there will be many twists and turns in a tale like no other. This story’s narrative arc spans a multitude before bending back around to this very spot, right where it all started, in the heart of Dublin city.   With original music by composer and fiddle player Ultan O’Brien, and produced by Ian Cudmore, this episode will stream on Solas Nua’s website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more on Feb 27th 2021. Commissioned by Solas Nua in Washington, D.C., bringing contemporary Irish art to U.S. audiences.   http://www.solasnua.org/   Kindly supported by Culture Ireland.      


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