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S4/E2 - Do British people ACTUALLY do these traditions? | Ft. Stacey

In this episode, Charlie gets together with his fiancΓ©e Stacey to chat about some British traditions and discuss whether they really are still a thing or not. They cover things like roast dinners, putting the kettle on in a crisis, queuing, fish & chips, pancake day and more. Listen in to find out what Charlie and Stacey think of these "British traditions". Useful Links below.. πŸ“ Free episode worksheet πŸ“‘ Transcripts & glossaries πŸŽ“ The Academy 🎁 Free resources πŸŽ“ English courses πŸ–₯ πŸ“§ Newsletter with e-lessons πŸ‘‹ Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast πŸ€‘ Get paid to tell people about the podcast Get the App: πŸ“±On iOS / Apple App Store here πŸ“±On Android / Google Play Store here Smells Like HumansLike listening to funny friends discuss curious human behavior.Listen on: Apple Podcasts Β  Spotify The next 7-Day Challenge starts on 1st of February, 2023Go to before the start date to sign up.

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