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Bonus Ep 25 - Philosophical Questions for Two British Minds with Harry

In this episode Charlie gets Harry on the mic for a conversation around some philosophical questions. Join to hear how these two Brits think and whether you agree with their philosophical standpoints but remember to not take what you hear too literally. Useful Links below... πŸ“ Free episode worksheet πŸ“‘ Transcripts & glossaries πŸŽ“ The Academy 🎁 Free resources πŸŽ“ English courses πŸ–₯ πŸ“§ Newsletter with e-lessons πŸ‘‹ Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast πŸ€‘ Get paid to tell people about the podcast Get the App: πŸ“±On iOS / Apple App Store here πŸ“±On Android / Google Play Store here CrushCastCrushCast is the podcast for the wine curious. Learn about and discover new wines with us!Listen on: Apple Podcasts Β  Spotify Learn more about The Academy by visiting or try a FREE sample of The Academy by clicking here.

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