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S3/E7 - Getting to know Lindsay from All Ears English

In this episode, Charlie invites Lindsay from the All Ears English podcast to come on the show. To begin they test how stereotypically "American" Lindsay is with a pop quiz, followed by discussing the fact that they did the same degree and then after hearing about how Lindsay had a pet rat to run tests on she goes on to comment on the values that people in the United States of America adhere to. All in all a lovely interview with a delightful person. Useful Links below.. πŸ“ Free episode worksheet πŸ“‘ Transcripts & glossaries πŸ‘©πŸ» Lindsay's podcast -πŸŽ™All Ears English πŸŽ“ The Academy 🎁 Free resources πŸŽ“ English courses πŸ–₯ πŸ“§ Newsletter with e-lessons πŸ‘‹ Instagram @thebritishenglishpodcast πŸ€‘ Get paid to tell people about the podcast Get the App: πŸ“±On iOS / Apple App Store here πŸ“±On Android / Google Play Store here

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