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The Power of Volunteering | Lina from Egypt

Volunteering in Canada when you’re a newcomer has so many benefits, including meeting new people, building your resume and learning new social norms. This episode’s guest, Lina Sobhy, would not be where she is today in her career without it. She is originally from Egypt and moved to Montreal in 2013 to finally reunite with her husband after living apart from him for 4 years. We chat about making friends as an adult, how to find great volunteering opportunities in your area, as well as Lina’s experience wearing a hijab in Canada. You don’t want to miss: All about Egypt: Breathtaking ancient history, modern cities, paradise beaches, and bustling markets. What to wear when visiting Egypt When your high school sweetheart moves to Canada: Getting married whilst navigating a long-distance relationship until finally joining him in Montreal in 2013. Lina’s experience as a non-French speaker in Montreal The difficulty of making new friends The benefits of volunteering as a newcomer: Building your network and language skills, testing out different careers, feeling comfortable in the new culture, and much more…  PLUS, wearing the hijab in Canada: Some valuable advice for visible minorities.   Links & Resources: Follow Lina on Instagram: @linasobhy87 Email Lina:  Lina’s recommended Egyptian must-visit: Han El-halili, Cairo Canadian volunteering websites: | | |  ELSA: 7-Day Free Trial of English Coaching App:  ELSA: Link to get 85% off lifetime membership and 40% off 1-year membership: Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! Follow me on Instagram: @TheNewcomerCollective For more about us and what we do, check out our website:  

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