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Self-Doubt and Resilience | Brenda from Kenya

Newcomers often arrive in Canada full of confidence that they’ll soon find a job in their field and thrive in their new home… Unfortunately, it isn’t always that simple. The Canadian job search can be notoriously challenging and many immigrants suddenly find themselves doubting their experience and skills. This episode’s guest, Brenda Ngure from Kenya, is here to remind us of everything that we CAN offer employers and how we should never lose sight of the value we bring from overseas.  Brenda was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and left to study in the United States where she lived for 18 years, before eventually moving to Toronto in 2016. She discusses with us the African immigrant experience, as well as her struggle with loneliness when she first arrived here.   Links & Resources: AD: Access mental health support based on language and cultural background at  Listen to Brenda’s podcast “The Resilient Migrant”:  Click here Brenda’s links: Website  |  Instagram | Facebook Good local Kenyan food: Job Search Resources: Read the blog Join the New to Canada Academy: Learn more Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! Follow me on Instagram: @TheNewcomerCollective For more about us and what we do, check out our website:  

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