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IELTS Test Tips | Jessica from All Ears English

IELTS stands for The International English Language Testing System and is a test that is required by many English universities and English-speaking countries around the world. This week’s guest is Jessica Beck, a previous IELTS examiner of 14 years, a successful podcast host, and English teacher who has taught in Spain, Cambodia, Taiwan, and the United States. In this episode, she runs through what to expect when taking IELTS and shares some valuable study tips and strategies for those of you who are aiming for that great test score.    _   BONUS: Jessica has hooked us up with a 20% discount on her IELTS online course “3 Keys” which includes study plans, templates, strategies, video lessons, practice tests, and more. Best of all? It has a 100% guarantee that it will increase your test score. So if you’re stressed about your IELTS, this investment is so worth it to ensure you do your absolute best when it comes to test day. To sign up, CLICK HERE and enter promo code 'FLUENT' at check-out. Good luck!   _   You don’t want to miss: What is IELTS? How do you pronounce it correctly? What are the benefits? The differences between the academic vs general versions of the IELTS test. Paper vs computer-delivered tests. A list of podcasts to listen to to prepare and practice. Strategy tips and tricks for each of the 4 modules: Speaking, writing, reading, and listening! The importance of timing when taking the test, what to do when you don’t know the answer, and some great mindset tactics to set you up for success. PLUS, the top 2 mistakes that Jessica always sees students make during the IELTS test process…   Links & Resources: Save 20% on the IELTS 3 Keys Online Course which 100% guarantees to increase your test score (enter promo code 'FLUENT' at check-out): Click here Listen to Ryoki’s episode on IELTS Energy and how he got a Speaking 9: Click here Podcasts: IELTS Energy | All Ears English Take the free IELTS quiz: What is your expected score?:  IELTS Energy TV:  Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! Follow me on Instagram: @TheNewcomerCollective For more about us and what we do, check out our website:

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