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Mental Wellness Abroad | Harisha from India

Mental wellness abroad is not a topic that is widely discussed… We see moving to a new country as one big adventure and often disregard the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it. This episode’s guest, Harisha from India, discusses how she finds inner strength in times of struggle and stresses the importance of slowing down and checking in with ourselves during such a big life transition. She also shares her moving to Canada story: How her husband moved to Canada in 2012 and it wasn’t until 8 years later that she was able to finally join him here. We chat about India, food, yoga, and more!   You don’t want to miss: All about growing up in Hyderabad, India. Where to find the best Indian food and ingredients in/near Toronto… 8 years long distance: The story of Harisha finally joining her husband in Canada after nearly a decade apart.  How a previous yoga teaching certification taken in India ended up being a life-changing tool as she adapted to Canadian life. The various ways that yoga can impact your transition to life abroad and how to use it to tap into your strength and inner potential. Prevention is better than the cure: The importance of slowing down and checking in with your mental wellness abroad. PLUS, some simple tips for finding more joy in the “down” days and letting go of what you can’t control.   Links & Resources: Follow Harisha on Instagram: @harishapranyudhyoga Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! Follow me on Instagram: @TheNewcomerCollective For more about us and what we do, check out our website:

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