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From Africa to Saskatchewan | Chifuka from Zambia

This episode’s guest is Chifuka from Zambia, Africa. Back in 2004, together with his parents and 4 brothers, 19-year-old Chifuka moved from the busy city of Kitwe to a small town in Saskatchewan. He tells us about his family’s experience of being the only immigrants in a white Canadian community. We also discuss how newcomers from countries that celebrate being humble and reserved can unexpectedly struggle in countries where confidence and assertiveness are rewarded. Chifuka offers fresh perspective and lessons learned from his 17 years living in Canada. You don’t want to miss: Everything you need to know about life in Zambia, Africa. An intimate insight into the experience of an African family of 7 moving to rural Saskatchewan. Life transitions and culture shocks: From student to worker as an immigrant in Canada. The differences between the Zambian and Canadian workplaces and how different cultures can lead to immigrants being easily misunderstood. PLUS,  the delicate balance between preserving your roots and values whilst also trying to succeed and integrate into a new country.   Links & Resources: Buy Chifuka’s book on Amazon - Immigrants’ Journeys: Africans Making Canada Home: Click Here Download my 50 free tips from newcomers to Canada: What they wish they knew before they moved! Follow me on Instagram: @TheNewcomerCollective For more about us and what we do, check out our website:

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