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Kissinger - Youth & Legacy - Baal HaTanya - His Involvement in The Machlokes

   In this episode, we examine Kissinger’s youth more carefully based on a documentary produced by people in the KAJ community. We also look at the challenge of morality.   We also look at R Shnuer Zalman of Liozna’s part in the machlokes between the Chassidim and the Misnagdim. What affect did R Shneur Zalman have on this machlokes? When did he become one of the primary figures in the machlokes? What caused the new outbreak of hostilities in 1798?  Nach Yomi: Join R' Wittenstein’s Nach Yomi on WhatsApp. We learn a perek a day five days a week, with a nine minute shiur covering the key issues. Click here to join!  For tours, speaking engagements, or sponsorships contact us at PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  

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