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Episode 137: Thirsty Suitors Review Impressions

This week your favorite co-op Couple Luke Lewis and Claire Helmberger discuss their time playing Thirsty Suitors developed by Outerloop Games. Topics also include news surrounding rumored Spider-Man 2 DLC, Game Awards updates and plans for Game of The Year coverage. New episodes of the LukeWarmGames Podcast launch every other Monday morning at 9am PST. Kinda Funny Up & Comer Nomination Information: Link For Nominations:Name of Nominee: Luke LewisWebsite/YouTube channel/Podcast link etc: & Social Media/Personal Handle: @lukewarmlewis Find us on twitter for show updates and more: Podcast: @lukewarmgamesLuke Lewis:@lukewarmlewisClaire Helmberger:@ClaireHelmberg1

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