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#95 - Building Body Image Resilience with Dr. Lindsay Kite

 This week, Maria is getting real about body image and dating with Dr. Lindsay Kite! Dr. Lindsay Kite is co-author of the book More Than a Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament (2020, HarperCollins) and co-director of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined, alongside her identical twin sister Lexie Kite. Both received PhDs from the University of Utah in the study of female body image and have become leading experts in body image resilience and media literacy. Lindsay and Lexie help girls and women recognize and reject the harmful effects of objectification in their lives through their social media activism, online course, and regular speaking engagements for people of all ages. Lindsay lives in New York City.Visit Dr. Kite's website at  Pick up Dr. Kite's book, More Than a Body, at Amazon or wherever books are sold. Follow Dr. Kite on Instagram at  If you’d like to receive a Dating Assessment with Agape Match’s Louie Felix, use the link to book a time/day that is most convenient for you.   Follow Agape Match on Instagram at Follow the podcast on Instagram at 

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