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2-1 Buydown Loan Requirements (Should You Get One?)

The 2-1 Buydown is a loan program that helps you lower your first 2 years of mortgage payments by using a credit from the seller and the buyer. I cover the details of the 2-1 Buydown in this video, if you should get one, and the alternatives to a 2-1 Buydown. 2-1 Buydown Calculator ➜ — GET STARTED —🏠  Connect with a helpful LENDER in your state →🏠  Connect with a helpful AGENT in your city → — HELPFUL TOOLS —✅  Max Purchase Price Calculator →✅  Lowest Cost Loan Calculator →✅  Home Buying Planner →✅  Today’s Interest Rates →✅  Step-By-Step Home Buying Timeline →✅  Student Loan Savings Calculator → 0:00 2-1 Buydown Loan Requirements0:12 In this video0:29 Overview3:19 How it usually works4:29 2-1 Buydown Calculator9:06 Basic Requirements11:26 Something to consider12:13 Alternatives13:44 ARM - Adjustable Rate Mortgage14:07 Should you use it?16:57 How to get one? Kyle Seagraves - NMLS 1701021Only for educational usage. All calculations should be verified independently. Win The House You Love LLC is not a lender, does not issue loan qualifications, and does not extend credit of any kind. This is not an offer to lend and should not be used to make decisions on home offers, purchasing decisions, or loan selections. Not guaranteed to provide accurate results, imply lending terms, qualification amounts, nor real estate advice. Read the full disclaimer here:

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