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What Is A Seller Credit How To Get The Seller To Pay Your Closing Costs

Want to save money on closing costs when buying a home? This video will show you how to negotiate a "seller credit" with the seller to have them pay a portion of the closing costs. I’ll give you tips on how to request and negotiate for the credit, as well as how to make sure it's applied correctly. By the end of this video, you'll have the knowledge to save money on closing costs and make your home-buying experience better. ► ► Get Pre-Approved With My Team →► ► Get An Agent Referral →💌 Email Me → TOP RESOURCES💪 Let Us Beat Your Loan Estimate →📉 Today’s Rates →🏡 Max Purchase Price Calculator →📅 Complete Buying Timeline →📊 Loan Comparison Calculator →🎓 Lower Student Loan Payments →💳 Credit Score Simulator →   — DISCLAIMER —Kyle Andrew Seagraves is Federal Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS 1701021) licensed in all 50 states with the Dan Frio Team at Allied First Bank (NMLS 203463), an Equal Housing Lender. Separately, Kyle owns Win The House You Love LLC, an education company. Win The House You Love LLC is not a lender, does not issue loan qualifications, and does not extend credit of any kind. This video is only for educational usage. All calculations should be verified independently. This video is not an offer to lend and should not be used directly to make decisions on home offers, purchasing decisions, or loan selections. Not guaranteed to provide accurate results, imply lending terms, qualification amounts, or real estate advice. Seek counsel from a licensed real estate agent, loan originator, financial planner, accountant, and/or attorney for real estate, legal, and/or financial advice. Allied First Bank is not affiliated with the VA, FHA, or any other government agency. This video has not been approved by any government agency.

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