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Q&A: Electricity, Xmas & Airplane Minyanim

Dedication opportunities are available for episodes and series at   Questions? Comments?   Yeshivat Ohr Somayach located in the heart of Jerusalem, is an educational institution for young Jewish English-speaking men. We have a range of classes and programs designed for the intellectually curious and academically inclined - for those with no background in Jewish learning to those who are proficient in Gemara and other original source material. To find the perfect program for you, please visit our website​ whatsapp us at or call our placement specialist at 1-254-981-0133 today!   Subscribe to the Rabbi Breitowitz Q&A Podcast at   Submit questions for the Q&A with Rabbi Breitowitz   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at   00:00 Why is it not forbidden to block roads for Shabbos?   05:53 Does serendipity or coincidence have significance?   09:36 Why not make the beracha on smelling fruits?   12:01 Should a ger still honor his biological parents if they disowned him?   14:49 How severe is wasting seed and how does one do teshuva for it?   19:14 Why does a mashgiach need to believe in God? How does one do teshuva for causing others to sin?   27:41 Why exactly is electricity forbidden on Shabbos?   40:27 Is learning how to read Hebrew and Aramaic still important today?   49:07 Could the Rav expound on the idea that those born on Shabbos have new souls?   50:44 Should a son of a non-Jew wish his parent a 'Merry Christmas'?   54:05 Why did God choose crazy people and children to have prophecy nowadays?   56:47 How can one trust kol kores?   1:05:34 Why did Yosef work to fulfill his prophecy? Don't those come true anyway?   1:13:40 Is there chilul Hashem by davening in a minyan on an airplane?   1:17:34 How does one balance one's own self-esteem?   1:21:55 What is the order of the world of souls, the resurrection, the world to come, etc.?   1:26:42 Does the idea that chilul Hashem and kiddush Hashem only exist in front of ten Jews dilute the importance of good middos?   1:29:30 Is it forbidden to interlock one's fingers in front of one's chest?   1:31:43 Why would God make 'praise machines' a.k.a. angels?   1:33:44 Is one allowed to learn a martial art if it involves hitting a Jew?   1:37:13 If poskim argue about everything, is there really an objective Judaism?   1:42:04 Is marijuana completely forbidden?   1:45:32 For someone with no background, is gemara the best priority?   You can listen to this and many other Ohr Somayach programs by downloading our app, on Apple and Google Play, and all major podcast platforms. Visit us @  PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  

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