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Q&A: 2 Day Purim, Haredi IDF Exemption & Chabad

Dedication opportunities are available for episodes and series at   Questions? Comments?   Yeshivat Ohr Somayach located in the heart of Jerusalem, is an educational institution for young Jewish English-speaking men. We have a range of classes and programs designed for the intellectually curious and academically inclined - for those with no background in Jewish learning to those who are proficient in Gemara and other original source material. To find the perfect program for you, please visit our website​ whatsapp us at or call our placement specialist at 1-254-981-0133 today!   Subscribe to the Rabbi Breitowitz Q&A Podcast at   Submit questions for the Q&A with Rabbi Breitowitz   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at   00:00 Are there any inyanim for doing a two-day Purim?   09:33 What exactly are the halachos of conquest of the land?   18:02 Is the Haredi exemption from the IDF sustainable?   31:07 If one doesn't believe they exited Yom Kippur with forgiveness, that's another sin, so should one instead lie to oneself?   35:01 Is one allowed to admire a church's architecture or enter a mosque during this war?   41:23 May one use a flashlight to do the search for chametz?   42:46 What exactly does Dumah watch over?   45:17 Does the law of the beautiful woman apply during this war, and are chutznikim obligated in a milchemes mitzvah?   50:38 Is a child considered Jewish if the mother converted during pregnancy?   55:24 According to the Ramban, is that considered a ger katan?   57:04 Why are both Rashi and Rashbam on Arvei Pesachim?   1:03:10 Why do we not say blessings on unusual looking people anymore?   1:07:26 What happened to Rav Shach's opinion on Chabad?   1:15:18 How can Western-educated religious Jews learn Kabbalah without applying strict Western thought?   1:21:13 What does 'the beginning of the redemption' refer to?   1:25:32 Should all yeshivos have open admission considering the events of Rabban Elazar ben Azariah's appointment to nasi?   1:31:25 Should we try to bring Moshiach by doing the things Chazal say comes before Moshiach?   1:32:44 Can a woman wear tefillin on Shabbos to bring them to a safe place?   You can listen to this and many other Ohr Somayach programs by downloading our app, on Apple and Google Play, and all major podcast platforms. Visit us @  PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  

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