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Q&A: Feminism, Prenups & BT Yeshivos

Dedication opportunities are available for episodes and series at   Questions? Comments?   Yeshivat Ohr Somayach located in the heart of Jerusalem, is an educational institution for young Jewish English-speaking men. We have a range of classes and programs designed for the intellectually curious and academically inclined - for those with no background in Jewish learning to those who are proficient in Gemara and other original source material. To find the perfect program for you, please visit our website​ whatsapp us at or call our placement specialist at 1-254-981-0133 today!   Subscribe to the Rabbi Breitowitz Q&A Podcast at   Submit questions for the Q&A with Rabbi Breitowitz   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at   00:00 What is a halachic prenup?   09:41 Why should we pray, "that my soul should desire Your mitzvos," in Elokai Netzor, rather than, "that my body"?   11:00 Who or what is Lilith? Is it connected to the Seven Worlds?   20:44 How do we explain human remains older than 6000 years?   22:10 Does the Torah allow for life with free choice on other planets?   24:23 If a sofer forgets the dots above 'vayishakehu', is the Torah scroll invalid?   34:03 How would the 70 nations know about the Noahide Laws? Should we tell them?   39:15 Why should a child suffer for the sin of the parent?   50:09 Aren't girls in Torah Judaism second-class citizens?   1:03:24 Is the order of saving in Maseches Horios evidence of male preference in Judaism?   1:07:05 Has one fulfilled one's obligation if one accidentally prayed in front of a mirror?   1:09:23 Why is there no gemara on Avos?   1:13:17 Can one buy himself a pair of Rabbeinu Tam tefillin, while others still need Rashi tefillin?   1:16:27 Is it permissible to use various sorts of energy healing, such as the Emotion Code?   1:21:56 Why is Rivka's death not explicitly described in Torah?   1:24:11 Why, according to the simplest reading of the Torah, is Esav not so bad?   1:28:01 Is it right to exchange hostages, knowing that civilians may be killed?   1:35:28 Why does only one of the Ani Maamins have a source?   1:37:14 Why does the Torah relate the descendants of Esav, according to peshat?   1:38:57 Is there a natural rule that Ishmael hates Yaakov, just as there is a natural rule that Esav hates Yaakov?   1:44:11 What is the meaning of 'Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism'?   1:46:58 How do we deal with disagreements between historians and Chazal?   1:50:51 Why was Rav Kook a Zionist?   1:53:45 Once the resurrection occurs, how will we get to Olam Haba?   1:55:05 What is the disagreement between the BT yeshivos?   You can listen to this and many other Ohr Somayach programs by downloading our app, on Apple and Google Play, and all major podcast platforms. Visit us @  PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  

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