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Q&A: Anti-Zionism, Neturei Karta & Yishmael (Updated)

Dedication opportunities are available for episodes and series at   Questions? Comments?   (Updated audio)  00:00 How do name changes work? 04:33 What are the differences between "mituvecha" and mituvah" and between "sim shalom" and "shalom rav"? 16:43 Why are there so many machlokos in the Oral Torah if Moshe was told only one version by God? 24:15 Why is there so much anti-Israel sentiment? 28:56 If God could have made ultimate pleasure, why bother making us? 34:54 Is there any truth to the claim that the Pashto are of the Lost Tribes? 41:08 Is a one-state solution morally wrong? 47:00 What is the definition of Jewish music, and can that include rap? 51:13 Why should Ishmael be rewarded for prayer if those prayers are directed to an incorrect conception of God? 54:02 What is the meaning of the blessings to Ishmael? 57:23 Did the Generation of the Dispersion really think the Tower of Babel would work? 1:00:27 Is there a reason a trustworthy, disciplined man should get an Internet filter? 1:02:57 What is the importance of humility and how might one be humble? 1:07:55 What exactly is Neturei Karta? 1:19:05 How has this war changed the Haredi opinion on the state? 1:26:43 How much caution should one take to turn the faucet to the cold side on Shabbos? 1:28:51 Why would Avraham marry Hagar if he had prophetic visions of other offspring? 1:32:49 How can one tell who is a Yaakov Jew and who is an Avraham Jew?    Yeshivat Ohr Somayach located in the heart of Jerusalem, is an educational institution for young Jewish English-speaking men. We have a range of classes and programs designed for the intellectually curious and academically inclined - for those with no background in Jewish learning to those who are proficient in Gemara and other original source material. To find the perfect program for you, please visit our website​ whatsapp us at or call our placement specialist at 1-254-981-0133 today!   Subscribe to the Rabbi Breitowitz Q&A Podcast at   Submit questions for the Q&A with Rabbi Breitowitz   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at   You can listen to this and many other Ohr Somayach programs by downloading our app, on Apple and Google Play, and all major podcast platforms. Visit us @  PRODUCED BY: CEDAR MEDIA STUDIOS  

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