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Aaron Frost on creating Scully, working too much and the merits of ice fishing

Quick Show Notes Our Guest: Aaron Frost What he'd like for you to see: HeroDevs doing Extended LTS Support for AngularJS | ScullyJS His JAMstack Jams: Scully His Musical Jam: Lizzo Miley TayTay Freddie DeadMau5 Our sponsor this week: TakeShape Welcome to another jam-packed JAMstack adventure on That’s My JAMstack, the podcast where we ask the fantastical question “What’s your jam in the jamstack?” On today’s episode we have the creator of the Angular JAMstack framework Scully: Aaron Frost. I’m excited to dive into Scully’s creation and find out more. Before we get to the interview, I just want to mention our sponsor this week: Take Shape. Stick around after the episode to find out more about their Content Platform or just head over to for more information Intro/outtro music by Support That's my JAMstack by donating to their Tip Jar:

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