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Jenn Creighton on Gatsby, SPAs, conference speaking and more

Quick show notes Our Guest: Jenn Creighton What she'd like for you to see: Her Twitter feed | React Day NYC | Thinkster React Component Course (coming soon) | useReactNYC Her JAMstack Jams: Gatsby | Netlify Her musical Jam: Halsey's You Should Be Sad Our sponsor this week: TakeShape Transcript Bryan Robinson 0:04 Welcome, welcome everyone to a new episode of that's my JAMstack the podcast where we explore the deepest parts of the developer psyche by asking, what's your jam in the JAMstack. On today's episode we're chatting with Jenn Creighton, Jenn is a conference speaker and the organizer of useReact NYC. She's also the front end architect for The Wing. Bryan Robinson 0:23 Also, this week, we have our amazing sponsor TakeShape. Find out more about their JAMstack content platforms stick around after the episode or head over to Bryan Robinson 0:36 All right. Well, thanks for joining us on the podcast today, Jenn. Jenn Creighton 0:38 Thank you for having me. Bryan Robinson 0:40 Thanks. So tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do for work? What do you do for fun, that sort of thing? Jenn Creighton 0:45 Sure. So I am a front end architect at a company called The Wing. We work on building out co working spaces that are really geared towards women. So we're thinking a lot about what women need in those spaces, and also there's a lot of networking events and things like that in our spaces. Jenn Creighton 1:03 So I'm the front end architect there, I lead all of front end. I help ensure our system stays healthy. I work on our technical decisions there. You can already tell I'm a lot of fun because I really love tech. And honestly, like what I do for fun, I'm usually at a conference. I'm usually speaking at a conference, I really, really enjoy giving technical talks. So you will find that I'm often at a conference, I travel a lot to do that. I did 14 conferences last year, which I won't be repeating but it was a lot of fun. I had a good time. And if I'm genuinely not doing any tech related things, I am probably with my cats or my puppy or I am sewing. I really enjoy sewing. Bryan Robinson 1:53 So I saw and I think this is on like your profile, is your dog's name really Sailor Moon because that's amazing Jenn Creighton 2:00 Her name IS Sailor Moon. She is named after the you know, Sailor Guardian Sailor Moon and she's a little blonde dachsund and, and I grew up watching Sailor Moon. I loved that show. I would watch it so much. And when I was thinking of names for her, I really want something kind of fun. So I picked out that it's really great too, because when you tell people her name, you can tell if they watch the show or not. Because they're either That is amazing. Or they're Wow, that's a lot of a name. Bryan Robinson 2:35 I'll be honest, do you just call her Sailor Moon all the time. Jenn Creighton 2:39 We usually call her sailor or if she's being a bit sassy Miss moon. Bryan Robinson 2:43 That works that work. And any fun sewing projects that you're working on. Jenn Creighton 2:48 I actually haven't sold in a long time because of the mentioned 14 conferences. So actually did not so I think anything last year. No, that's not true. Wait, I took a sewing class in November as my like, you're gonna do it and I sewed a pair of pants for the first time I took a sewing class to like force myself into a non tech hobby, which is a good thing to do once in a while. Bryan Robinson 3:17 Yeah, especially 14 conferences in 12 months. How many how many months were filled with more than two conferences? Did you did you group together and how exhausting was that? Jenn Creighton 3:28 Some months were grouped together. Um, let's see, I think I know at least I did, in September, I did two. And I traveled really far for them. So I did JS

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