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Colby Fayock On Mapping (like… the world), Gatsby, science and more

Quick show notes Our Guest: Colby Fayock What he'd like for you to see: His blog posts His work to help JAMstackers use Leaflet: His Gatsby Leaflet starter Getting started with Leaflet Santa tracker with leaflet NASA GIBS for map imagery His JAMstack Jams: Gatsby | Netlify His Musical Jam: Patterns - Dangerous Intentions Our sponsor this week: TakeShape Transcript Bryan Robinson 0:02 Welcome everyone to another episode of That's My JAMstack the podcast where we explore the inner psyche of JAMstackers everywhere asking the simple question, what's your jam in the JAMstack. On today's episode, we talked to Colby Fayock, a senior front end engineer with element 84. But before we dive into the interview, let me shout out to our sponsor take shape. Stick around after the episode to learn more about their content platform or head on over to take slash That's My JAMstack for more information. Bryan Robinson 0:31 Colby thanks for being on the show today. Colby Fayock 0:33 Thanks for having me. Bryan Robinson 0:33 Alright, so let's let's start out tell us a little bit about yourself about what you do for work, what you do for fun, that sort of thing. Colby Fayock 0:39 Sure. So I'm a senior front end engineer and UX designer at Element84. For a little bit about us, we focused on bringing remote sensing and Life Sciences data to the cloud. So that's usually like satellite data and health data. But once that's in the cloud, that's kind of where I stepped in and put you eyes in front of that. So some things that I'm working on right now are a dashboard. Colby Fayock 0:59 For testing a commercial satellite, and we're also working on a mapping interface for helping first responders tackle natural disasters like Wow, so like a big use case for that was working with people who were actually in it for the campfire California wildfires. Bryan Robinson 1:16 Oh, wow. Very cool. So I curiosity. You're building interfaces? Do you consider yourself more on the design side or more on the developer side, even though you're working in code, obviously. Colby Fayock 1:27 Yeah, so I definitely am more on the front end engineering side. It's kind of funny because I started off more on the design side, but as I kind of learned and learn, I've just slowly moved the needle to the engineering side. But that said, I still thoroughly enjoy both aspects of it. And usually I'm still the one doing the wires and such on the projects that we're working on. Bryan Robinson 1:48 Cool. Now, what do you do in your in your free time outside of work? Colby Fayock 1:51 So a lot of the times when we when we can figure it out, I like to travel with my wife. We just got back from a trip to Southeast Asia, which was pretty cool. Colby Fayock 2:00 But aside from that, you know, I, I do really enjoy coding, but probably spent too much time watching TV movies. And lately, I've been trying to push myself to write more. So I've been putting a lot of articles up on Free Code Camp. And that actually inspired me from a co worker who kind of gave me the idea that, you know, there's a lot of ways to look at different articles, right, rather than I kind of had that imposter syndrome. But I'm able to get past that. And it's been successful. So far, Bryan Robinson 2:27 I'm a firm believer that anyone who's writing code can benefit from their own blog in the future. Like if you're if you're writing and you saw the problem, write about it, and then you Google it down the road, and you'll be the response. Colby Fayock 2:39 Right, exactly. That's a good book kind of way to bookmark your solutions. Exactly. Bryan Robinson 2:43 And so what's the what's the best place you've traveled or your favorite place to go when you're traveling? Colby Fayock 2:49 You know, Southeast Asia was probably my craziest experience

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