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Khaled Garbaya on Gatsby, Create React App, modularity and more

Quick show notes Our Guest: Khaled Garbaya | On Twitter: @khaled_garbaya What he'd like for you to see: Moving from create-react-app to Gatsby Course | JAMstack newsletter | Live streaming His JAMstack Jams: Gatsby | Netlify | Contentful His Musical Jam: Eminem's Latest album Our sponsor this week: TakeShape Transcript Bryan Robinson 0:01 Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of That's My JAMstack the podcast where we asked the pressing question, "What is your jam in the JAMstack?" I'm your host, Bryan Robinson. And this week I'm excited to have on the show the amazing Khaled Garbaya. Khaled is an engineering manager at Contentful and runs an amazing JAMstack newsletter. Bryan Robinson 0:20 We're also welcoming back this week TakeShape as our sponsor, stick around after the episode to find out more about their content platform or head over to for more information. Bryan Robinson 0:34 Thanks for being on the show today, Khaled. Khaled Garbaya 0:35 Hey, thanks for having me. Bryan Robinson 0:38 So tell us a little about yourself. What do you do for work? What do you do for fun, all that stuff. Khaled Garbaya 0:43 So my name is Khaled. I'm originally from Tunisia, which is like a small country in the North Africa. And it's been I've been living in Berlin for over six years now. I am an engineering manager at Contentful And I love learning and building and public. And I also traveled for food. So that's that's usually my life. Yeah, that's, that's basically me. Khaled Garbaya 1:17 I started, I don't know if this is relevant or some people might not even remember the days of Flash. So I started as a Flash developer and moved my way there to like gaming and then now it's more like web and servers and now people debugging people instead of code, which is also a lot of fun. Yeah, and I do also like some live streaming, and I teach some web development related and JAMstack related topics over on Egghead or YouTube or I also do some streaming in Twitch so I'm all over the place. Bryan Robinson 1:57 Cool. Make sure you give me those links. I'll pop them in the show notes. You say you, you travel for food? So how much are you traveling and maybe what's your What's your favorite country or city for food? Khaled Garbaya 2:10 I mean, my favorite city is definitely Italy so far. I mean, not city but like an entire country. Yeah, my, the best city like I go there every year. We must go there at least for a week. It's Sardinia it's like a small island in Italy by the beach, and there's some great food and I want to be like always, like relax. So that's my style of vacation. I'm no hiker, or I do sometimes, but I'm just I'm lazy. I don't want to do a lot of activities. Bryan Robinson 2:45 I can definitely get that I spent a week in Italy and did way too much and would rather just relax on the beach. Khaled Garbaya 2:53 Yeah, so I visited few cities hunting for food. Napoli also I went to the Holy Land of pizza. Rome is kind of an open museum. It's an amazing country to music also my country's full of food. So it's a nice to always visit family and have some food. Whereas I went to the US few, like two times, but just San Francisco. I don't know. I mean, usually, it maybe it's not the US. Bryan Robinson 3:25 Sure. Khaled Garbaya 3:26 And yeah, traveling through Europe because it's, I mean, Europe here is like, very accessible and easy to go through. It's not like 10 hours flight. I think the furthest country was Japan. Last year, it was like magical. Bryan Robinson 3:44 Very cool, whole, whole whole different kind of plane existence in a lot of ways. Bryan Robinson 3:49 Cool. So So let's talk about the JAMstack a little bit. So what was your kind of your entry point into this philosophy, whether that's JAMstack itself nowadays or static

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