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Jason Lengstorf on the edge cases, rediscovering common knowledge and much more

Quick show notes Our Guest: Jason Lengstorf What he'd like for you to see: His Egghead courses on JAMstack and Gatsby | His Gatsby and JAMstack courses on Frontend Masters His JAMstack Jams: "But yeah, I'm a big fan of, I don't know, I just like playing this stuff." So here's a list of the stuff Gatsby Svelte Eleventy NuxtJS Gridsome His Musical Jam: "Final Form" by Sampa the Great Other Technology Mentioned Hasura OAuth OneGraph Our sponsor this week: TakeShape Transcript Bryan Robinson 0:02 Hey everyone, welcome to That's My JAMstack, the podcast where we dare to ask the question, what is your jam in the JAMstack. I'm your host, Bryan Robinson and today I'm super excited about our guest. He's a principal developer experience engineer at Netlify and the host of the great video series Learn with Jason. I'm talking of course about Jason Lengstorf. Bryan Robinson 0:22 But before we dive in, I did want to mention our sponsor TakeShape is back again this week. I'll tell you more about them after the interview. But if you're interested in learning more before that head on over to to find out what their content platforms all about. Bryan Robinson 0:43 Alright, Jason, thanks for being on the show with us today. Jason Lengstorf 0:45 Yeah, thanks for having me. Bryan Robinson 0:46 Awesome. So so I would hope that a lot of people in the audience know who you are, at least from the past couple years, but go ahead and give us a shout about who you are, what you do for work, what you do for fun, that sort of thing. Sure. Jason Lengstorf 0:57 So I am a developer experience engineer at Netlify, which means that I'm kind of in between engineering and Dev Rel. I also host a show called Learn with Jason where I pair program with people in the community. We learn something new in 90 minutes. I am also a occasional blogger I'd write a lot about sometimes about code mostly about the the process of coding so kind of the meta work or the Yak shaving so to speak. Jason Lengstorf 1:30 For fun, I am a I call myself a mediocre bartender. I love food. So I we cook a lot. You know, I'm kind of deep down a rabbit hole, I make my grind my own meat and you know, do that. We make bread from scratch and I like to do cocktail like you know, bartending kind of stuff like that. I make my own cocktails and stuff. It's good. Bryan Robinson 1:51 So what is the tastiest cocktail that you make? Jason Lengstorf 1:54 Okay, the taste is one that I make. I will usually I just make other bartenders, good cocktails. I have I made one up. My partner asked me to make something that tasted like Christmas. And so I did kind of a riff on on like a classic Negroni build, but it was rum and spice liquors. So it kind of has this really Alpine kind of Christmasy flavor. Bryan Robinson 2:21 Alpine like a taste like a pine tree or... Jason Lengstorf 2:23 So the one that I use is called blur Bluebird, Alpine liqueur, which it's got, like all spice and some kind of like fresh herbs and stuff. So if you had fernet Branca? Bryan Robinson 2:35 Nope. Jason Lengstorf 2:36 So fernet Bronco, kind of tastes like mouthwash. This is like a a very, like, tune down version of that. So it's it. It has a hint of pine not like the taste of them. Bryan Robinson 2:48 And what's the what's the hardest thing you've ever cooked? Jason Lengstorf 2:50 Ooh, great question. Um, I would say probably the hardest thing I've ever cooked is. Well, I mean in terms of complexity, just Thanksgiving dinner, because you you effectively have to Gantt chart that you know, you've got one of in one stovetop and 15 dishes to cook. So how do you make sure that everything comes out on time still warm, that you're not like trying to stack something that was supposed to cook it for 50 and an oven, it's only a 325 you know that t

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