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The Hymn of Kassiani

Kassiani is one of only two women to have been written about from the Byzantine era, which is a somewhat forgotten about period in history. She is most famously known for quipping at the Emperor Theophilos at a bridal show before going on to become an abbess, poet and hymnographer, whose songs are still sung in Greek Orthodox Churches today. Despite being from a distant time, her character shines through in her work. Her quick-witted humour and somewhat rebellious one liners are what brought her to Frank's attention including the phrase "I hate silence, when it is time to speak". Frank recruits the help of self-professed ‘Byzantinist’ and Professor Liz James from the University of Sussex to tell the story behind the song The Hymn of Kassiani. You can pre-order Frank's album No Man's Land here This episode was produced by Hayley Clarke and the executive producer was Peggy Sutton. There was additional production from Paul Smith, Steve Ackerman, Josh Gibbs and Charlie Caplowe. Tales from No Man’s Land is produced by Frank Turner, Xtra Mile Recordings and Somethin’ Else. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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