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Destination Unknown: A Field Guide

Linda Rossetti: expert on transition and its impact on our lives



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Transitioning Beyond Toxic Work Environments with Kayla Gross

Join Linda and her guest, Kayla Gross, former member of the coaching staff for the Oregon State University's Football team, as they talk about decoupling from a negative work environment and reigniting our own truth. Learn how anger and profound loss give way to possibility! Understand the phases of mourning and recovery that are involved in a spirited and invaluable transition cycle. Don't miss this episode that offers an unprecedented view into how it feels to restart your career on a path that is uniquely your own. Listen NOW! Only 12-minutes. I'd really appreciate it if you would click the like button above and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! Learn more here - @Linda A. Rossetti 2018-2021. All Rights Reserved.

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