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Operations Exec and Coach Kamrin Huban on Voice and Moving Beyond Crushing Workplace Conflict

Join Linda and her guest, Kamrin Huban, as they explore damaging workplace conflicts and the power of our own voices in navigating such obstacles. Discover how to respond differently by reframing emotions and turning up the volume on our own voices. Learn how our initial response is not the only way forward.  Today's story illustrates how we can push the boundaries of our self-concept and access our untapped potential.  Kamrin is certified on HAIL(TM), a powerful emotional reframing tool presented in my most recent book, Dancing with Disruption. Don't miss this exceptional honest conversation! Kamrin's Bio Kamrin is an Executive Leadership and Performance Coach, building on 20+ years of experience in the Consumer Goods/Fashion industry. She has worked at both multi-billion dollar brands, as well as smaller boutique brands. She has worked in international companies and has been based in the US, Germany, Vietnam and China. She passionately believes that bringing humanness to the workplace is what makes employees more engaged and more efficient. She meets individual employees where they are at and brings them up to where they aspire to be. She can identify a person’s unique skill set and capitalize on it for the benefit of the team and the bottom line. She also has years of success building communications bridges; between functional teams, between Corporate offices and Liaison offices and between a Brand and its suppliers. As an executive Coach, Kamrin is able to provide an unbiased “space” for individuals to share their concerns/fears/hopes/ideas, which impacts individuals, executives and teams in positive ways. She provides individualized support for company leaders and for their teams, to ensure an infusion of “humanness and inclusion” while continuing to drive for bottom-line results. Connect with Kamrin: LinkedIn: Instagram: Website: Podcast: Order Linda's 5-star rated 2nd book, Dancing with Disruption at the links below: Amazon here Barnes & Noble here here Porchlight here Please click the button to subscribe so you don't miss any episodes and leave a review if your favorite podcast app has that ability. Thank you! Learn more here - @ 2018-2023 Linda A. Rossetti. All Rights Reserved.

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