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Auditing the Animalz Blog: What Works and What Doesn’t

Content audit. Two words to strike fear into the heart of every content marketer. Well, not really. For any blog more than a year or two old, getting to grips with the performance of your older content is a necessity. But the tools used to do that, content and SEO audits, generally get a bad rep. And with good reason: most audits are long, bloated documents crammed full of context-less keywords and statistics. Here at Animalz, we’ve been on a mission to reinvent the content audit, and create a new process that’s fundamentally more useful. In true Animalz fashion, we wanted to experiment with our new audits on... ourselves. So we did! Our head of R&D, Andrew, audited the entire Animalz blog, and surfaced a few familiar problems. And as Animalz Director of Marketing... well, it’s up to me to solve them.

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