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5th Annual Holiday Helper [Recorded Live On Facebook]

What a CRAZY 2020!!! With the holidays upon us, I’d like to invite you to join in with my family and help spread the holiday cheer to those that are struggling. This year more people than ever will have a S****Y holiday season due to the pandemic and economic instability. Whatever you're doing this holiday season to help your community, I'd like you to think of this as an option. Whether it's $1 or $1000 doesn't matter; times are thought for millions of people this year and if you have a little change to spare consider donating. My family will be donating food, fulfilling wish list items for the local children's home, and we'd like to give money to families to help cover some of their December expenses. All donations will help us amplify our efforts in assisting as many people as possible this holiday season. ***5th Annual Holiday Helper Agenda*** Food: I will be buying prepacked food bags put together at my local Sprouts grocery store here in Arizona that will be distributed to local families in need. Wish List: We will be fulfilling kid's holiday wish lists from Sunshine Acres Children's Home here in Mesa, Arizona. This will be our 5th year doing this, and in the past few years, I've been able to recruit 30+ families to join in on the fulfilling of the wish lists. Expenses: I'm looking for families that are doing their best month to month and still struggle to make ends meet more often than not. The holidays are stressful for all of us and helping someone have one less thing to worry about is a huge help and can bring significant momentum into 2021. If you'd like to nominate someone, email me at We will be doing all of these things, and all of your donations will only help amplify our efforts in assisting as many people as possible this holiday season.  Help spread the word, and have a fantastic holiday season.  Donate here --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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